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We are back!

It has taken us quite a while to get our new website back up and functional again, and we are so glad we are back. We have had quite the journey to get our website up and functional again and I must say that with the new website and blog platform we have chosen, we hope to bring you some awesome content, tutorials, tips and without a doubt some freebies. Yes, you read it FREEBIES! Everyone loves freebies, we think this is fantastic news for our readers.

It genuinely has been a while since our website had a brilliant new design, and the results we have found so far are extremely better than expected.

We hunted high and low for a platform which we would be glad to use, that is not too inert both backend and front end. This lead us to do a great deal of research, installing, theming, debugging - the list is a great deal longer than we wanted it to be. With a range of platforms available it was beginning to look like there was no hope of finding one we favoured, and then voila we found the perfect one for our requirements.

Finally, we came to the decision to use Pagekit! Now Pagekit is built using some awesome libraries, which some other content management platforms out aren't built with. I mean we're talking about Vue.js, Symfony Components and much more.

From here on, our intention is to bring you more content on a regular basis. Our long term plan is to keep the content current and unique, provide you with relevant tutorials, and ever important website related hints and tips i.e how to install SSL Certificates, along with some awesome freebies. There is also a possibility we may require guest bloggers in the future, however, that is just speculation.

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